Pitching is more competitive than ever. It helps to have a partner with insights that can deliver earned media value – whether you’re angling for a big client or positioning your company in an evolving landscape.

We’re experienced at working with creative companies to maximize relevance, achieve differentiation and demonstrate a high level of creative and strategic consideration.

Integrate us into your process and we’ll deliver a document with all our recommendations. Plus, once the project is won, it’ll already be set up for future media success.

Our sprints offer:

  • Current, relevant, media-ready language, topics, angles and approaches
  • Assessment of media viability and suitability
  • Recommendations on storytelling assets – visuals, videos, reports and more
  • Narrative competitive analysis
  • Possible stumbling blocks – narrative, cultural and more

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this a good idea for my agency or studio?
Have you ever pitched a project you thought would get widespread attention, only for it to fall flat? Have you ever scoped a project that relies on earned media without consulting an earned media partner? Have you ever thought your idea was unique, only to find out it’s been done a million times before? Does your proposal not feel “headline-worthy”? That’s why it’s a good idea to have a PR team weigh in as a project’s being developed, not just at the finish line.

Ok, so how does this work?
It’s different for everyone. We customize our approach based on your ideation and pitching process. There are various levels, but basically, we work like your in-house earned media advisory team.

Is this expensive?
Not really. We can work it out.