Invest in your own story. The best way to establish your brand voice and convey your purpose is to take a hands on approach — columns, studies, white papers, podcasts, speaking opportunities or a mix of everything. Just consider the stats:

For brand partners
Over a third of C-suite execs and decision-makers – 39% – said thought leadership had influenced them to ask a vendor to participate in the RFP process, and 47% said such content had a direct impact on awarding business.
Source: 2020 Edelman/LinkedIn Study
For brands & orgs
More than half of company decision-makers – 63% – said that thought leadership is important to building the reputation of new and small businesses while 69% say that it’s the best way to judge the level of thinking at a company.
Source: 2019 Edelman/LinkedIn Study

Frequently Asked Questions

But I’ve done award-winning work in my field and am well respected by my peers. Aren’t I a thought leader already?
Here’s the thing: Doing great work is one thing. But starting and leading a conversation that helps shift the way people think is another. Ultimately you may find that the most useful ideas and conversations that help transform your business have nothing to do with your work at all. They could be about personal or cultural impact, identity, purpose and other themes that resonate on a deeper level. That’s why we’re here: to help you come up with, craft, and maintain a conversation that isn’t just about your bottom line.

I have plenty of ideas. How do I show people I’m a thought leader?
The short answer is that you need a plan – something that maps out the best medium for your message and the best places and times to spread the word. We can help with that too.

Being a thought leader sounds like hard work. You think I’m up for it?
Hey, we get it. Who has the time, right? We try to make it easier by doing a lot of the heavy lifting. So long as you’re open to a partnership, we can work out a schedule that matches your needs and desired outcome.